Lickle Iggle

Undersized, ignored and finally deserted, the little iglekott (Swedish for hedgehog) needs to find some help if he’s going to survive.

He finds little Annie not far from the nest he was born in and they make a connection.

This first book details how he comes into the world, how he comes to be known as Lickle Iggle and how he finds the help he needs.

The book also includes the background of how the idea came about, which is as delightful as the story itself.

Written by Tony Green and beautifully illustrated by

Anne Foxley-Green, it will take you on a journey of emotion that is based in the harsh reality of the natural world but also in how humans can, and do, have a positive impact and compassionate connection with it.

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The first in a series of books about a baby hedgehog

New titles being worked on:

Lickle Iggle and the Holiday

Lickle Iggle and the Dustbin

Lickle Iggle meets the Badgers!

Lickle Iggle goes to Town

This is the start of a series of 10 books... for now.